A bit about Christine Haerdi-Landerer - Candidate for FI Commodore

11 August 2017

Dear Fireball Sailors
Who am I?
My profession and family:
Trained as veterinary surgeon, I have left clinical work 20 years ago, and am currently teaching agricultural students at the
Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). I have 4 grown up children, two of them enjoy to crew for me on the Fireball.
My sailing:
My first Fireball regatta I sailed when I was 18 years old in 1975! The fascination neverceased; in 1977 I got the first boat (then already old; Z 1770) and 1979 I bought a new one, a Trott (Z12152), which gives me still some satisfaction when sailing a few rounds on lake of Davos.
In 2004 my current boat, SUI 14859, was built by Du voisin, and is travelling since as far as I never imagined!
Although sailing in Antibes, La Rochelles, St. Brieuc (FRA), Kiel, Travemünde (GER), Laveno (ITA), and Nieuwpoort (BEL) before starting the family project, my new boat travelled to overseas venues such as Barbados, Thailand, Wales and South Africa.
These were really amazing adventures!
What is my goal as Commodore?
I see the role of Fi in the interconnection of all its members. Although we all love to sail the Fireball we are very much individuals with different concerns and problems. And the same is true for the NCAs.
They are the first and most important contact for every Fireball sailor.
A closer contact of the FI Commodore with the NCAs will help FI to adapt the strategy to the needs of the NCAs.
My goals are therefore
To contact all NCAs and listen to their wishes and concerns, and subsequently to act on finding solutions to their problems
To help coordinate the national championships to avoid overlap in dates as much as possible
To foster the interaction between NCAs in their regions and beyond
(a first attempt is the creation of the “Central European Fireball Cup” consisting of the national championships of CZE, ITA, SLO and SUI)
To support the webmaster in maintaining the website lively and active
To encourage young sailors to sail internationally : The Europeans in Garda were a fantastic event in this respect!!
Who is going to execute the duties of FI?
As a newcomer I will depend on the experience of the current Executive members. Therefore I’m looking forward to cooperate with those hopefully standing again as Rear Commodores. The same is true for the appointed members, as I hope to reinstall all positions needed with persons from the current Executive.
It is only in cooperation with all of you, Fireball Sailors to stay fast, have fun and be friendly!
I will work for you with all the energy I have!!
August 7, 2017
Christina Haerdi-Landerer