Italian Nationals

15 September 2017

Italian Nationals

In warm and sunny weather and driving through the scenic countryside of Tuscany, twenty six Fireball teams including three Swiss and one Czech, arrived at the beautiful sailing club and resort of Punta Ala, just South of Piombino.

A mild sea breeze allowed for three races on Friday favouring the light crews and being fun also for the less experienced ones. On Saturday the weather changed completely: While still sunny the wind was heavily influenced by the Genova depression, which lead to a deadly flooding in nearby Livorno.

Heavy gusts and malicious shifts forced ten boats to give up at least one of the three races sailed that day. It also changed the picture at the front: Haerdi/Landerer, winning all 3 races on Friday had to fight hard to win the series and finished 2nd, 5th and 3rd.

It was the day of Napravnikova/ Napravnik who won twice which allowed them to finish 3rd, and Brescia/Strobino with two more 2nd places who finished 2nd overall and are now merited Italian Champions.

Overall it was a great event where hospitality and warmth was felt in every single chat, meeting, dinner (thanks especially to Enrica “mamma Fireball” for her phantastic pasta dinner!) Pure “Italianita”!

Grazie a tutti!! Christina Haerdi  

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