Central European Cup 2018

30 May 2018


21st October


Notice of Series

The series consists of four national championships of the involved NCAs:

The aim of the series is to encourage sailors to attend national championships (regattas) of their closest Fireball neighbours and hence to increase number of entries at the national championships.

Entry fee

The participants only pay the entry fees of the respective national championships. No other entry fee is paid to take part in the series.


The series will be scored according to appendix A of the RRS as follows:

  • Team’s result in each national championship counts as one race
  • When all four national championships are sailed as scheduled, team’s score will be the total of its scores excluding the worst score. If fewer than four championships are sailed (e.g. in case of adverse weather conditions, etc.), team’s score will be the total of its scores.
  • If a team does not take part in a championship, it will be scored number of points equal to the highest score in the series + 1.
  • Teams will be scored by a boat number. The teams are desired to stay constant throughout the series. If this is not possible, they may sail with more than one crew or more than one helm in the series but still will be scored as one team.


Prizes will be awarded to the first three teams in the series. Other prizes may be awarded.


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