Merry Christmas from FI

28 December 2017


Dear Fireball Sailors
Within a week we all will step into a New Year, however, for Fireball International it will be a slightly
bigger step, because we will start a new triennium with a new crew in the Executive.
You have already accepted implicitly the Rear Commodores for:
Africa: David Laing;
Asia: Hiroshi Kato;
Australia: Ben Schulz;
Central Europe: Jakub Napravnik;
North America: Debbie Kirkby;
Western Europe: Cormac Bradley;
FI Commodore: Christina Haerdi-Landerer;
The following affiliated members have accepted to take over, provided that Council (wich meens YOU! )
will ratify them.
Secretary: Linus Eberle;
Minutes Secretary: Mianne Erne;
Treasurer: Guy Newson; gbnewson@talk21 .com
Chairman ofTechnical Committee; Thomas Egli;
Multimedia: Esteban Hernandez;
Communication Technics: David Carroll;
I would highly appreciate your active participation in Fireball International:
Come and sail with us, take your time and participate in voting and polls.
Season’s Greetings from Christina Haerdi your FI Commodore