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 Skype Meetings

It is proposed that a quarterly Skype meeting be conducted of the Executive followed a week later by a meeting of the Council.

A host will be appointed to initiate the call.  At this point in time the host will be Ben Schulz.

To participate all attendees will need to have Skype and a high speed internet connection.

They will then need to ensure that they have been added to the host's skype contact list. This needs to be done prior to the meeting.

If you want anything added to the agenda please forward your request to the Commodore at least a week before the meeting.

A week prior to the Executive meeting an agenda will be circulated by the Commodore.

An agenda will be circulated for the Council meeting 5 days before the meeting. This agenda will be based on discussions at the Executive meeting.

At this stage the meeting will be held at 10pm London time. This should allow access at a reasonable hour for all NCAs.

Notification of meetings will be posted as an event.

Any connection or IT questions should be directed to Ben Schulz prior to the meeting.

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