Worlds 2019 Container space - booking deadline

21 February 2019


A reminder for those who are thinking of attending this year's World Championship in Canada that you need to decide quickly as boat transport availability is limited!

As you know, there are two containers leaving from Europe: one from Antwerp at a modest cost thanks to the generous sponsorship of Spliethoff Shipping Company and one at commercial rates organised by UKFA that will leave from Southampton.


From Southampton/UK:

The UK container is almost full - just two spaces remain. It's a case of first come, first served. The cost per boat is £900 and whoever gets their deposit of £450 to Dave Hall first secures a berth.


From Antwerp/BEL:

Spliethoff Shipping Company have agreed to cover the total cost of ocean transport from Antwerp to Valleyfield and then back to Antwerp at the end of the Fireball Worlds event. 


Costs not included:

- Customs clearance (import and export)

- Marine transportation insurance (Spliethoff will require a letter absolving them of any and all responsibility or potential claims for transporting these sail boats.)

- Trucking charges between the Port of Valleyfield and Pointe Claire (to and from) remains a question at this time.

To cover these costs you pay 450 EUR to confirm your space. Any excess will be reimbursed.



- expect loading date @ Spliethoff terminal Antwerp: July 10 to 20 (at latest 5 days before vessel departure)

- expected vessel sailing from Antwerp July 15 to 25

- travel time 12 to 15 + 3 days from Port Valleyfield to Yacht Club

- containers will stay on the ground @ club for storage purposes

- Once the containers are made ready for the return voyage we can have the trucker pick up the units in Pointe Claire for drop off at the Port of Valleyfield. The Valleyfield terminal operator is very accommodating and will work with our schedule to ensure the units are loaded on the EARLIEST Spliethoff vessel possible for return to Antwerp.

- travel time to Antwerp 12 to 15 days

- @ best effort container will be back in Antwerp by mid September


You need to decide quickly! Send mail to FI commodore Christina Härdi to ask for a space before 28th of February.