2018-19 Traveller Trophy Final Results, Vic, AUS

29 May 2019

Hot competition occurred on the last leg of the IFAV 2018-19 Traveller Trophy held at Lake Bullen Merri as part of the Yachting Victoria Western Region Easter Regatta. Western Region fireball sailors, not seen recently, participated and led the fun at their home region regatta. 

Final results here of the 2018 - 2019 Traveller Trophy

Glenn Peverell, our dedicated IFAV President, took out the trophy through a combination of participation and performance across the season.

Susannah Gillam and Andrew Butler were the only other sailors to have competed across all 4 events in the Traveller's Trophy, making it a great season after their upgrade to "What's the Story...?". They finished tied in 3rd place with Bruno Lanati, Glenn'e regular crew who was absent for Lake Bullen Merri. Sophie Jackson who participated in the two biggest events: Sail Country and the Nationals at Royal Geelong Yacht Club finished in 2nd place after great performances in each.

Traveller Trophy 2018-19 Regatta Program:

1. Victorian Fireball State Titles held at Sail Country in November 2018. Results here

2. Lake Cairn Curran Sailing Club Regatta held in late November 2018. Results here

3. Australian National Championships 2018-19 held at Royal Geelong Yacht Club in February 2019. Results here

4. Yachting Western Victoria Easter Regatta 2019 being held at Lake Bullen Merri. Results here

Click here to hear how Will Townson found his inagural fireball sailing event and 

here for for reflections from the winner Peter (Noddy) Durran on Lake Bullen Merri Yachting Western Victoria fun


Traveller point calculations:

  • Cumulative across events
  • For participation at an event, each sailor is awareded the number of Fireballs at that event
  • 1 point for each boat beaten at an event
  • Scored individually. Where a team competes together across events and wins both team members are assigned the trophy
  • Total = weighted average of Results and Participation

Note there has been a change in participation scoring to emphasise participation equally with performance